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Make It Happen Mondays with John Barrows

Aug 31, 2020

Our friend Ashley Welch joins us on the podcast this week to take a deep dive into how design thinking could and should be applied to your sales process. Ashley takes us behind the scenes on what design thinking really is and how you can apply it, even if it's difficult at first. 

Aug 24, 2020

This week, Colin Nanka from Salesforce joins us on the podcast. Colin has lived an amazing life and had some incredible experiences that have taught him the power of mental resilience. He's taken lessons from these experiences and has applied them to his sales career. Here's how you can too...

Aug 17, 2020

Deal management. How important is it to you? If you ask Frank Dale, it's more important now than ever. Join is joined by a good friend, Frank Dale on the podcast this week to discuss his journey in sales tech and why deal management is his focus right now. 

Aug 10, 2020

The podcast we're sharing this week is a little different to normal. Our very own James Buckley is taking over for a surprise episode, totally different to the usual format. 

We're not going to give too much more than this away, you'll have to listen to find out more...

Aug 3, 2020

Tim Harsch, CEO of Owler joins us on the podcast this week. John uses Owler every single day, and discusses how to nail your timing and relevance in your prospecting. Tim offers a look behind the curtain on how his team conduct their own prospecting, reminds us of certain trigger events that do not work anymore, and...