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Make It Happen Mondays with John Barrows

Feb 25, 2019

This is a special episode of Make It Happen Mondays with my good friend, and CEO of SalesLoft, Kyle Porter.
In this episode:
How Kyle and John got connected
Ability to evolve
Living your values and culture
Using Sales engagement to free up more time for your customers
The Future of the SDR role
Different types of...

Feb 18, 2019

Melanie Fellay, co-founder and CEO of Spekit, joins me to talk about learning sales with a trial by fire as an entrepreneur, and how she came to start Spekit

We also discuss

Being the first sales rep as a CEO
What the driver for starting a business is
Sales at an early stage company
Mistakes made early on (asking simple...

Feb 11, 2019

Henry Schuck, Co-founder and CEO of Discover Org and I talk about 

The key to getting started and the importance of getting started in your 20s
Common and less common triggers but also intent behind them
Mergers and acquisitions
Important of maintaining culture and free lunches and perks
Hiring and attracting the right...

Feb 4, 2019

Charles Muhlbauer, founder of Skillshare The Discovery Call Specialists, joins me to talk about discovery calls. We talk about:

What makes discovery so important
What can reps do better?
What makes a good discover good
Knowing when to pitch and when to have a conversation
Why John doesn’t believe in BANT